current project - pine cones!

I am so excited about my current project!  I have been trying to figure out the lovely mixture of mathematics and chaos that is the pinecone. 

At the core of my process is exploration -- when I get a new subject, I try it out it in different media -- pen/ink, watercolor, colored pencil, guache, pastel, pencil, and then look at what other artists have done with it. 

I decided I wanted the feel of a botanical illustration with more character and heart, and I loved what Jane Burkinshaw and Olga Inoue had done.  Here is the latest -- I am going to add some pine needles, I think, and adjust the coloring in Photoshop to better fit the client's wedding colors.


abbi & brian

Abbi and Brian are true originals -- she a houseboat-dwelling artist and he an authentic LA cowboy.  The wedding theme they chose fit perfectly!  Abbi and I did a quick brainstorming session and figured out how to incorporate two cowboy stock images she had found on  Abbi posed for a quick photoshoot, and we lucked out finding a photo of Brian in a cowboy hat!

A little bit of Photoshopping and a lot of fun with fonts... and voila!

So much fun!

This was a mix of letterpress and digital print.  All printing was done through the lovely Maria at


Melinda & Jared!

Melinda & Jared wanted a tree image to reflect the natural setting of the wedding venue.  In search of the perfect tree, I ran across this beauty -- a carob tree.  I loved the twist in the trunk--like two lives intertwining...  

I started with a watercolor on a large sheet (22" x 30") of watercolor paper


I scanned the final image, worked on the font and text selection, and sent a prototype to Melinda and Jared.  Since their colors are yellow and teal, they requested that yellow be added to the design.  I painted, scanned, and added yellow flowers to the tree--what a great addition!  The design suite was printed on watercolor paper and mounted on navy cardstock... and the final result:



My Wedding!

Here is my process for creating an invitation suite for my own wedding. 

The Save-The-Date Postcards are based on a sketch of some sparrows in my grandma's backyard

The paper texture is courtesy of Splendor and Demise.  The final Result:


The Invitation started with a sketch from our front yard:

 and became this:

The paper texture creating the border is an adaptation of a texture created by Nevermore Graphix.

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